5 Tips for Hiring the Right Window Contractor

Hiring the right contractor for any job is important. However, it’s critical when engaging the services of an impact window installer. Costs can vary wildly and expensive doesn’t automatically mean better. A poorly performed installation can negate the purposes for which the windows were installed. The following are five tips for choosing the right window contractor in South Florida.

License & Insurance

The contractor of choice should have any pertinent licenses and be fully insured. Most professionals will display their license number on their business card and if they don’t, ask for it. They must be licensed in the locale in which the work will be performed and their license must be current. Licensing ensures that the contractor has passed written exams and works to industry standards.


While many business owners no longer keep hard copies of references in the digital age, clients aren’t shy about leaving reviews and recommendations online. Take the time to read reviews and contact individuals that have left both negative and positive experiences.

Contracts & Estimates

A reputable contractor will have no problem making a visit to the property where the work will be performed and provide a written estimate of what the entire job will cost. It should clearly state what will be done, how long it will take, the materials and products that will be used, and the full cost, labor included.

Make sure cleanup and disposal services are included in the contract, along with any warranty information. The contract should include the contractor’s name, address, phone number, and professional license number. Never pay for a job in full before it’s completed, don’t pay in cash, and always get a receipt.


There will be permits that are required before any work can commence and the regulations can vary depending upon the municipality. The selected contractor should be cognizant of the permits needed and obtain them prior to work beginning.

Better Business Bureau

Scam artists and the unscrupulous are using creative new ways to take advantage of the unwary. Even if the contractor has a strong online presence, good reviews, and boasts years of experience, a quick check with the Better Business Bureau can be extremely helpful in weeding out those that lack experience or are less than honest about their abilities and qualifications.

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