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Of course! All the products we carry are Miami-Dade certified. All these windows and doors come with their own engineering documents listing pertinent information about glass, design pressures and installation. The products we carry have been through the most rigorous tests to be considered impact rated products. They are specifically engineered to withstand higher wind speeds and pressures. These products have features that let them protect you more than a standard window or shutters. One of these elements is that the inner layer between the glass prevents the glass on either side from shattering into large pieces that can then fly into the home causing damage to property or to a person. When impacted, the glass spiderwebs and breaks but it does not break apart like a typical non-impact window. The inner layer keeps it together. Another element making impact windows far superior to a standard window or shutters is that it is anchored in such a way that it prevents the window from being pulled out due to the negative pressure during a storm or hurricane. This pressure can dislodge or move non-impact windows even with shutters placed on them.

When these non-impact windows get moved or are ripped out of an opening, this leads to damage in the home, water intrusion and raises the chances of your roof being blown off. Impact windows have several anchors or screws that embed into a buck and into the substrate below. Depending on the system or manufacturer, these anchors are placed on the sides or on the top and bottom of the frame. You can rest assured that Mpact Windows & Doors will only install the very best impact products and install them the correct way! There’s no point in installing impact products if they are not installed right. We will install them as they were intended to be every time. Get your quote today!

Hurricane impact windows come with different glass options. They have the standard clear, grey and bronze tints. However, they also offer some options to save more on your energy bill. Before we go into that, it is important to note that the inner layer in impact windows blocks out UV rays, about 99% of them. This helps prevent fading of your furniture and belongings in the home. The tints like grey or bronze are usually for aesthetics or mandated by your HOA. When energy efficiency is important to you, there are factors you need to consider. First, how much of your home has an eastern and western exposure? The sun rises in the east and sets in the west and those parts of the home facing those directions get lots of sun all day. Second, how old is your home and how was it constructed? Some homes have better insulation than others. Some homes have older a/c units. All these factors let you decide if it’s a good idea to get low-e on your windows. Low-e is a coating that makes your glass reflective. This coating and reflectiveness directs the heat back to the outside therefore lowering the amount of heat into the home.

There are different low-e’s. Depending on the manufacturer you have different options. For the majority of the hurricane impact window and door market there are 2 low-e’s that are the most common and featured on most products. Solarban 60 and Solarban 70. Solarban 60 is less efficient than Solarban 70. Solarban 60 gives the glass a reflective blue/purple looking hue depending on the angle that you take. Solarban 70 gives the glass a reflective green look. You can also tints to the low-e coatings. Normally, this isn’t something advisable as adding a tint takes some of the efficiency away. Since the tints are grey or bronze, they absorb more heat. Hence, the glass loses some it’s efficiency points. These efficiency points are known as the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient. The lower the SHGC, the more efficient the window or door. The newer homes being built now are going for a more modern look and have adopted the bronze frame and clear solarban 70 glass. In terms of cost, low-e is more expensive but at the end of the day, you decide if it’s something you want to pay extra for. It’s an investment and you will see a difference. Call us to find out how to get your low-e windows and doors!

If your budget permits, it makes more sense to switch all your existing windows and doors with hurricane impact windows and doors at the same time. If you break your project into phases, you’ll be increasing your costs in terms of permits, labor and material. Not to mention time. We all have different schedules and different things we need to get done. At Mpact Windows & Doors, we understand that your time is valuable. You can trust us to get your job done quickly and well!

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These impact products are tested as a whole system. The glass is not tested separately from the frame. They are tested together as they would be installed. The glass thickness on a window or door can be 5/16, 7/16 or 9/16 for laminated glass. The thicker the glass does not mean more protection. The design pressures do not change for most systems by switching to a thicker glass composition. If we take an example of a single hung window with 5/16 glass and you want to switch to the 7/16 glass then your pressures stay the same. You wind up with a heavier window which could put more stress on the lifting mechanism and you pay more for more glass. The times it makes sense to switch to thicker glass is when your main concern is sound reduction. Sound will travel less through thicker glass. You can even switch to laminated insulated glass for the most noise reduction. Keep in mind that you will be paying more money for that investment.

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