Impact Doors

A home isn’t just windows! Getting hurricane impact doors is just as important to make sure your home is completely protected from hurricanes, burglars, and other dangers. You shouldn’t wait around until the next major storm comes barreling through your neighborhood.

Act now to get your new impact doors. Feel confident in the fact that Mpact Windows and Doors has a wide variety of doors that are customized for your home. These doors are made out of several different materials, including fiberglass, aluminum, and vinyl. Each comes with its own unique look and offers different levels of safety and security.

Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass doors are the standard for replacing front entry doors. These doors are made with a fiberglass cover, foam interior and have various components to protect your home from hurricanes. These doors can come with a smooth skin and primed, so you can paint them whatever color you desire! They also have a woodgrain texture available and come ready to be stained or painted with the color of your choice. The manufacturers we work with are Therma Tru, Masonite and PlastPro.

Aluminum Doors

Hurricane impact aluminum doors are better known as french doors or cabana doors. These could be the doors leading to your pool or backyard. These doors are usually full lites, which means the majority of the panel is glass with an aluminum frame. These are best suited for entrances that you want to have more light coming through.

Vinyl Doors

Impact vinyl doors are a variant of the aluminum door style. As the word suggests, the frame is vinyl. Like vinyl windows, these vinyl doors are more thermally efficient than aluminum or fiberglass doors. They can come with laminated or insulated glass and can also be used for entrances leading to your pool or backyard.

Sliding Glass Doors

We also offer impact sliding glass doors from PGT, CGI, Windoor, SIW, and ESWindows. These doors have stainless steel rollers and screens that come with certain sliding glass door configurations. These systems are thicker in terms of the panels, the track, the header, and the jambs. This added thickness helps it reach the design pressures and protection required to keep you and your family safe. Due to this thickness, not every configuration will fit into every opening. The more tracks and sliding panels you have, the more wall space you will need to accommodate the frame of the impact sliding glass door. This also determines whether you can have screens on your system.

Specialty Doors

For all the homeowners who want to invest in something with a little more wow factor in it, there are specialty doors. This category includes the bifold door and the pivot door. The bifold door can take the place of a traditional sliding glass door as its panels slide but also fold over. They stack all to one side or can stack to either side. They are almost like accordion shutters in that sense. These door systems are not cheap and require more effort in the installation. However, they will add an extra level of beauty and functionality that’s well worth the cost.

Pivot doors are just like they sound. They have a center where the panel turns on. These can be used in indoor openings that are too wide for a traditional door. Since they pivot, the opening can also be considerably bigger. These systems are not water rated which means they should not be installed unless there’s a large enough covering over it to prevent water from getting under the door. This is another system that adds elegance, presence, and uniqueness to your home.