Impact Windows

Being in South Florida, we are all aware of the imminent danger of hurricanes. We know of the forces that could potentially devastate our home and properties. Impact windows and doors are a great solution to that. Impact windows can protect your home from the elements as well as from major hurricanes! If you want to be full prepared for hurricane season, get your new impact windows installed in your home.

Besides hurricane protection, there are plenty of other reasons that impact windows are a great investment.

impact windows on a townhouse in palm beach gardens, fl

Protection from Burglary

Thieves and burglars are always looking to steal valuables. However, if you get impact windows you will have peace of mind! These products are tested against penetration from flying debris. This debris can be 2×4’s, shingles, coconuts, or a hammer or hole-punch that a burglar might use to break your window. You will feel safe not only from the storm but also from those thieves.

Energy Efficiency

Did you know that most of the cool air from your home leaves through your windows and doors? If you have old or non-impact windows then you know that you can often feel the heat near a window as if you were outside. Impact windows can help keep you cool! Not only are we talking about thicker glass and an inner layer that blocks out UV rays, but the system itself when installed properly will provide a stronger seal to keep the cold air in! The frames are thicker, the sealants stronger and the window has stronger glass.

You can also upgrade your windows with a low-e coating. Low-e is a process where the glass is given a green/blue reflective coating which reflects the heat back to the outside. This wonderful process can add even energy savings. If you want to go even further, you can also get Vinyl frames and Laminated Insulated Glass, or LIG. Vinyl frames are made of plastic and have channels within the frame to avoid heat transfer to the inside of the home. The LIG has an added air pocket and a third piece of glass to avoid the heat from coming into your home.

Keep in mind that vinyl and LIG aren’t for everyone. Many factors determine whether you’ll see the return on your investment and you should familiarize yourself with your home’s insulation, a/c unit and how old your home is. If you have a new a/c unit, a newer home, and better insulation then you could potentially see a great return on your investment.

Sound Reduction

Non-impact windows are thinner not only on the frame but also in the glass. That means sound can travel quite easily into your home from outside. Impact windows with thicker glass, thicker frames and a better seal will instantly help with the amount of noise pollution in your home. Standard aluminum frames and laminated glass help a lot but if you want to go the extra mile and cost, you can use the best material for the job: vinyl frames and LIG.

Resale Value

Did you know that adding impact windows can increase the resale value of your home? Shutters require tracks and those tracks require anchors that necessitate holes being drilled into the side of your home. This increases the chances of water intrusion. They also take away from the overall look of the home. Additionally, if your home has impact windows, you won’t need to spend hours outside putting up shutters or hiring someone to do it for you. If you have impact windows your house is ready to go against storms from the minute they’re installed.


Yet another reason to change to hurricane impact windows and doors as soon as possible! Insurance companies are always trying to get more money out of you. Hit back when you change your existing windows for impact windows. Did you know that some people have saved up to 50% on their home insurance costs by making that switch? It depends on your insurance company of course but, regardless, you’ll be saving money. Don’t wait until the next time a hurricane comes rolling through your city. Upgrade to hurricane impact windows and doors today!

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