5 Ways to Deter Thieves from Choosing Your Home

According to FBI statistics, thieves break into a home every 26 seconds across the U.S. each day. Most burglaries occur between 10 a.m.-3 p.m. during the months of June, July and Aug. Thieves choose times when no one is likely to be home due to work schedules or vacations.

Burglaries have a significant impact on your homeowner’s insurance and the costs you’ll pay in the future if you make a claim. However, there are a number of ways to make your home more unattractive as a target to thieves and the measures even have the potential of earning you a discount on your homeowner’s policy.

Impact Windows

Thieves want to make a quick and quiet entry. That usually means one swift blow to a window to gain access. The construction of an impact window eliminates both situations. Designed to withstand hurricane conditions, the glass will spider, but won’t break. A burglar would have to use extreme force to make the glass spider, which would involve many loud and time-consuming impacts, but the glass still won’t break.

Security System

There are wired systems that emit an alarm when a door or window is opened when the system is engaged. Wireless systems are essentially mini cellular networks established within the home. When a door or window is breached, an alarm goes off. You also have the option of having a monitored or non-monitored system installed. Lights and cameras can be included in the system.


Installing a camera is one of the easiest and one of the least expensive deterrents that homeowners have at their disposal. Cameras should be installed where they’re highly visible and cover the widest viewing angle. Be sure to install them where there are no blind spots for thieves to exploit. A camera with “night vision” capabilities, along with record and play-back abilities, are critical.


Motion lights outdoors at critical junctures are a definite advantage. Inside the home, programmable timers will turn lights on and off at designated times and they have the ability to do so at random times to eliminate predictability.

Doorbell Camera

The most popular deterrent currently available is the doorbell camera and there are multiple options. You can see anyone at your door in real-time, it records encounters, and you can view the video from any location. Some models allow you to interact with people at the door even when you’re not home and functionalities can be operated from your phone.

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