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Hurricane Prep is not all About the Windows

The time to prepare for a hurricane is before one of the storms is imminent. Most people automatically think of boarding up their windows or putting up storm shutters. However, there’s a variety of actions that should be taken to minimize the potential for destruction and they’re tasks most people don’t even consider.

Healthy Plantings

Keeping trees and bushes trimmed and in good condition lessens the chances of broken limbs that can become missiles in high winds. It also reduces the potential for uprooted trees that can damage homes, businesses, fences and vehicles.

Yard Debris

Cleanup in preparation for hurricane season is essential and that means removing any limbs, branches and leaf piles. When a hurricane is going to make landfall, remove any fruit from trees.

Trim Coconuts

Coconut palms are a common tree in Florida and falling fruits can be dangerous. It’s a good idea to have professionals routinely remove coconuts to prevent the possibility of injuring people or pets. Doing so as part of regular maintenance will prepare the trees for hurricane season, keep fruits from blowing off trees, and turning them into high-speed projectiles in the wind.

Roofs & Gutters

Check the roof for damaged roof tiles and those that need to be replaced in the Spring. Waiting until a hurricane is due to make landfall is too late and there won’t be time to have the roof repaired. The same is true for cleaning gutters. A DIY attempt can result in injuries. Clean gutters will ensure water flows freely and doesn’t back up under roofing tiles.

Toys & Furniture

Children’s outdoor toys, lawn furniture, trash cans and any other item that can be blown about in the strong winds of a hurricane should be moved into a garage or outbuilding that can be locked. Vehicles should be placed in the garage or a secure location.

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