Can Impact Windows Break?

The No. 1 question home and business owners in South Florida ask is “Will impact windows break?” The answer to that question will depend largely on an individual’s definition of the term “break.” There is currently no technology available to make glass absolutely break-proof.

Impact window glass utilizes a unique construction technique and is designed to resist impacts from hurricane debris. Traditional window glass will shatter and fall to the ground in a million pieces from a single, sharp blow delivered with enough force. It takes much more power to affect an impact window. It will spider, splinter or fracture, but the glass won’t break through.

Impact window glass is Miami-Dade certified and very similar to automotive glass in its design. The glass is comprised of two layers with a tough and flexible vinyl inner layer that holds the glass together, even if it’s been fractured by a sufficiently forceful blow, that inner layer prevents the glass from falling apart.

Numerous studies and extensive research have been conducted by insurance companies on the biggest sources of damage for claims that had to be paid out following Hurricane Katrina. An article published in Vol. 11, Issue 1 of The Journal of Architectural Engineering showed that most structural damage was due to breaches of windows and doors. Those findings demonstrated the benefits and advantages of impact-resistant windows for home and business owners.

In addition to the protection against hurricane winds and wind-blown debris that impact Windows provide, there are other advantages. The construction that makes the glass impact resistant is also energy saving technology. The windows provide savings on energy bills and many insurance companies offer discounts on premiums for installing them.

Impact windows are a deterrent to thieves, provide excellent insulation against noise, and aids in preventing sounds inside from escaping outdoors. They’re constructed with eco-friendly materials that are also able to withstand corrosion from saltwater. They reduce the amount of UV light that enters a structure and enhances the value of any home or business.

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