Impact rated doors

Why Make the Switch to Impact Rated Door?

Impact windows aren’t the only way to protect South Florida homes and businesses from the dangers of hurricane-driven debris. Impact rated doors are available that provide an elevated level of safety and security, along with a variety of other benefits. Impact doors are available for indoor usage and entryways to the outdoors.

The doors are available in multiple styles and colors. They’re offered in aluminum, fiberglass and vinyl, each providing its own level of safety and security. There’s an impact-rated door for traditional entryway openings, French/cabana doors, and sliding glass doorways, along with bi-fold doors and those that pivot. Specialty doors can be crafted and are an excellent solution for entrances that lead to backyard pools, patios and decks.

Impact rated doors feature impact glass that’s resistant to impacts and debris blown about by hurricane-force winds that can easily reach 100 mph. Doors represent the first line of defense when it comes to the safety and security of people living and working within the walls of any structure.


An impact-rated door is an effective deterrent against burglars and features impact glass. The specialty impact glass will fracture when it sustains an impact of sufficient force, but it won’t fall apart. The force needed to breach impact glass is excessive, noisy, and no thief wants to risk calling attention to themselves.


The doors are sturdy and the impact glass minimizes the transference of heat to the inside environment, while keeping the coolness of air conditioning inside. That means savings on utility bills. The glass also reduces the amount of UV rays that enter that can ruin flooring and furnishings. Insurance companies often provide savings on insurance policies for individuals that install impact doors.

Noise Pollution

Those living near busy intersections, parks, or loud neighbors experience substantial noise. The doors are excellent noise buffers, reducing the amount of sound that comes in. An added advantage is that noise from inside to the outside world is also reduced.

As Palm Beach County’s Premier Impact Window and Door Supplier, we’ve been providing Commercial and Residential impact windows and doors to South Florida’s business owners and residents for years.  Our impact windows and doors are designed and tested to meet the most stringent of building codes (coastal). Our impact windows and doors come in multiple styles and design flexibility options while continually maintaining your home’s structural integrity. That’s the MPACT Windows and Doors Difference!

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