How New Windows can Affect your Electric Bills

Energy costs aren’t getting any cheaper and one of the most overlooked strategies for reducing the cost of your electric bill is installing new windows. The windows that are typically installed in homes are those designed to keep costs low, profits high, and can account for up to 25 percent of your energy costs.

If your windows appear cloudy or foggy, you feel drafts around them, or they’re difficult to open, you can benefit from new windows. Another good indication that you’re losing air to the outdoors is if your windows feel hot to the touch in the summer. By far the most common windows found in homes that are 30 years old or less are single pane glass.

Modern technology has resulted in an array of window options that will help you save money on your electric bills. An added benefit is that they’re available in multiple styles and designs. Today’s windows offer eco-friendly materials and provide insulation against sound. Impact-resistant windows are able to protect against hurricane-force winds and burglaries.

One of the advantages to replacement windows is that you can get them with an e-coating that reflects heat back to the outside environment. Other options include double-pane glass or laminated insulated glass (LIG) designed with a third plate of glass and an air pocket to buffer heat from outside.  Vinyl frames prevent heat transfer to the interior of homes, requires little to no maintenance, and isn’t affected by mold, rot or insects.

The cost of everything is increasing, but that shouldn’t include your electric bill. Installing new windows will save you money throughout the year and make your home a more comfortable place to live. An added advantage is that modern replacement windows also increase the value of your home should you decide to sell it. The installation of energy-efficient windows may even qualify you for a tax break.


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