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How Impact Windows Work

People living in Florida face challenges from weather that other parts of the nation will never encounter. The high winds of hurricanes can turn any type of debris into a destructive missile. Installing impact windows is a proactive measure that will minimize damage and can save money on insurance costs.

Window construction

There’s no fancy technology or magic involved in the creation of impact windows. Their effectiveness is derived from specialized construction to protect homes and businesses. Storms generate differences in air pressure. When a hurricane arrives, the barometric pressure rises outdoors and it can be as damaging as flooding and high winds.

People automatically close their windows when a storm is approaching. Closed windows don’t allow the pressure inside homes and businesses to rise equally. The stronger the storm system, the higher the outdoor pressure will be. When debris hits an ordinary window with an impact strong enough to break it, the window breaks into multiple pieces. The immediate influx of high-pressure air from outdoors rushes into a structure with explosive force, wreaking havoc with everything within.


The strength of window casings is also a factor. Even if a window doesn’t break, weak casings can collapse to allow the high-pressure air to enter. The damaging effects are the same. Even if it doesn’t give way to wind, a weak window casing can allow stormwater to enter via strong winds.

Impact windows work in much the same way as automotive glass in a crash. The specialized construction of impact windows enables the glass to withstand impacts without breaking and falling out. There are two types of impact-resistant windows. One utilizes a clear film that’s placed on both sides of the window.

The second type employs two panes of glass pressed tightly together with a layer of PVB – a rubber-like substance – placed between them. In both types of shatter-resistant glass, the film or PVB holds the pieces of the window glass together, even if it breaks. The good news is that no one has to sacrifice beauty for functionality with impact windows. There’s an attractive style for every need.

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