Increase your Home Value with New Windows

Just as the eyes are the window to the soul, the appearance of your home’s windows can give others the perception of sadness or a happy, well cared for house. A lack of care is not something you want to project, particularly if you’re trying to sell your home. New windows will give your home a fresh, new look and increase overall value.

Many buyers don’t even consider windows until they’re shown a house with old windows and they’re faced with the reality of the cost of replacing them. Windows that need to be replaced are a deal-breaker for a great number of potential buyers. New windows are a significant cost for homeowners, but well worth the expense. They’re an investment in your home whether you’re keeping it or trying to sell.

While costs will vary depending on the number of windows to be replaced, the average cost of replacing all the windows in your home can be up to $12,000. However, the return on investment is approximately 81 percent on resale value. If you plan on keeping your home, new windows translate into approximately 12 percent savings each year on energy costs according to government data.

Real estate agents often suggest renovating bathrooms or kitchens to make a home more attractive to buyers. While those things are important, today’s buyers are also seeking energy efficiency. New windows accommodate that desire and are available in a wide variety of styles and materials that buffer sound, reflect UV rays, and frames that reflect heat away from the home. Income tax credits are also available for windows that meet ENERGY STAR® requirements.

New windows add curb appeal and demonstrate to potential buyers that you care about the home and it will be perceived in a more positive light. It’s a good idea to install new windows a few years before you’re ready to sell. That way you’ll be able to take any available tax credits, spread the cost over manageable payments, and enjoy savings on your own energy bills.

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