5 Benefits of Installing Impact Windows

Anyone living in Florida is aware of the dangers involved when a hurricane is approaching and the need to prepare by securing outdoor items so they don’t become dangerous or even deadly missiles in a storm’s high winds. Covering windows with plywood is a well-practiced drill for residents.

Installing impact windows means individuals won’t have to put up plywood or storm shutters that need periodic maintenance. Impact windows react similarly to auto glass upon sustaining an impact. The glass may splinter, but it won’t break and fall out of the casing. However, installing impact windows is an option that has a variety of benefits beyond battling the damage engendered by a hurricane.

Improved Security

Impact windows don’t break like traditional window glass. It requires much more time and effort to even damage the glass. Few intruders will want to risk making the noise required or staying around long enough to actually penetrate the glass and attract the attention of neighbors.

Energy Efficiency

No one wants to pay ever-increasing energy bills and those costs can skyrocket in Florida’s hot, humid summers. Impact windows are ENERGY STAR® rated and specifically designed to allow light to shine through while reflecting heat away and minimizing the UV and infrared light that enters. Less UV and infrared rays also result in less damage to furnishings.

Insurance Discounts

Many insurance companies provide policyholders with discounts for installing impact windows. They reduce the risk of a break-in and the potential for damage during hurricanes. That can substantially diminish the amount that insurance companies must pay in repairs and replacements.

Less Noise

The presence of noise pollution continues to increase. The multi-layered glass of impact windows, combined with their sealed frames, significantly reduces the amount of noise that enters or exits a structure.

Increased Home Value

Impact windows can add considerably to the value of homes and businesses if owners want to sell. Impact glass windows and doors are both available in a multitude of styles, fashionable designs, and eco-friendly materials to enhance the beauty of homes and businesses.


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