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Can Impact Windows Help Reduce Noise?

Anyone that’s shopping for new windows has probably heard about the advantages of impact glass. Impact glass is energy efficient, adds an elevated level of safety and security, and can aid in reducing damage during a hurricane. However, it does have other advantages, one of which is the ability to reduce noise pollution.

Impact glass is thicker due to its multi-layered construction that’s combined with sturdier materials used for framing and sealants. The use of impact glass in any environment can reduce the amount of noise that enters a structure by up to 40 percent.

Traditional window glass has a sound transmission class (STC) rating somewhere in the high 20s, depending on the glass. While no window can offer complete soundproofing abilities, a window must have an STC rating of 45 or higher to earn a designation as “soundproof.” Window glass that provides noise reduction will typically range from an STC value of 48 to 54.

Simply installing dual pane windows won’t stop enough noise to create a noticeable difference. Individuals will definitely notice a reduction with impact glass. People will typically experience more noise intrusions through the walls of a structure than the windows.

The installation of impact glass for reducing noise levels enables individuals to prevent outside noise from intruding on inside activities. It also has the advantage of helping to contain sounds on the inside from escaping outdoors to bother neighbors. Impact windows are especially beneficial for individuals living near busy streets and intersections.

The windows minimize noise and enhance the value of homes. Installing impact windows can also net savings on insurance policies. The glass reacts in much the same way as auto glass when an impact occurs, helping to reduce the potential of damage from storms and acting as a deterrent to break-ins. With impact windows, individuals don’t have to worry about putting up storm shutters, storing them or the maintenance involved.

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