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Hurricane Protections for you South Florida Home

Most South Florida residents have already begun to create lists and prepare for the annual hurricane season, that seems to be arriving earlier each year. The first named tropical storm of 2021 formed on May 22, a full week before the traditional beginning of hurricane season on June 1. There are a number of actions that individuals can take to help protect their homes and businesses, including the following.

Impact Windows

Unlike traditional window glass, impact windows are hurricane-rated. They’re impact-resistant and won’t break when an impact occurs. The glass is constructed in much the same way as auto safety glass. If a strong enough impact occurs, the glass will splinter, but it won’t fall out of the frame. That means secondary damage caused by rain entering a home or business won’t occur.

You don’t have to worry about storing shutters or plywood, or trying to hire someone long distance to put up protection if you’re traveling. The windows utilize energy-saving technology, use eco-friendly materials, and casements can withstand corrosive saltwater.

Impact Doors

You can choose from impact doors constructed of vinyl, fiberglass or aluminum, each with its own level of protection. The doors can be equipped with impact window glass. You can select from standard door configurations and sliders to French doors. Specialty doors are also available such as those that pivot.

Superior Protection

Impact windows and doors are available in multiple shapes, sizes and styles. They represent the best protection available against hurricanes and even “ordinary” coastal storms that can spring up suddenly and transition into much stronger flareups. The products have been extensively tested and meet the most stringent building code requirements for coastal areas.

Another benefit of installing impact windows and doors as hurricane protection is that they can also net you savings on your insurance premiums. Many insurance companies will provide discounts on policy premiums if you’ve installed the windows and doors.

As Palm Beach County’s Premier Impact Window and Door Supplier, we’ve been providing Commercial and Residential impact windows and doors to South Florida’s business owners and residents for years.  Our impact windows and doors are designed and tested to meet the most stringent of building codes (coastal). Our impact windows and doors come in multiple styles and design flexibility options while continually maintaining your home’s structural integrity. That’s the MPACT Windows and Doors Difference!

Hurricane Protection, Beauty, and Integrity…

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