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5 Trending Window Styles in South Florida

Windows are the eyes into the soul of a home. They set the tone for the way individuals and others view their home. They enable light to enter the house and allow fresh air to circulate for healthy air quality. The windows individuals choose have a direct impact on the appearance of a home.

While single-hung windows are the most often utilized style in homes, there’s no reason that individuals must be satisfied with the mundane. There are five trending window styles that South Florida residents are choosing to spruce up their home, let in more light, and improve airflow for a healthier home.


Available in multiple styles, they lend distinction to any abode. They’re offered in more than two dozen shapes that encompass fan, oval and triangular to circle, trapezoid and eyebrow. They enable the maximum amount of light to enter a room. The highly stylized windows are typically more expensive than other types, but add an unmatched level of fashionable sophistication.

Double Hung

This type of window features two panes of glass. The panes of glass move independently of each other and slide up and down to optimize airflow. They’re a little more expensive than single-hung windows, but offer an easy-open option for individuals that may have difficulty opening windows due to back pain, injuries, or limited strength.


Instead of an up and down motion to open and close the window, casement windows typically open inward, though they can also be designed to open outward. They’re aesthetically pleasing and offer a sophisticated appearance without any cross bars to obstruct the view. It’s one of the most energy-efficient designs, though the windows also come with a higher price tag. They open with a crank for easy access.

Picture Window

A picture window won’t open, but they’re great for preserving an extraordinary view without impediments. They’re a great way to create the illusion of more space and a connection to the great outdoors. Picture windows can be expensive and individuals should make sure the glass installed is energy efficient to minimize cooling costs.


These windows are horizontal rather than vertical, opening and closing from side to side much like a sliding glass door. They’re similar to double-hung windows, but installed horizontally, and are popular for kitchens and large bedrooms.

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